Lincoln and District Angling Association

Starmers Pit

1 Jan 2019 - Unhooking Mats and 36"+ Landing nets are compulsory for this venue due to the size of the specimen fish that are held within these waters.


Click Here  for Google maps. Click on "Get Destination" and type your postcode or address in the first box and then type in LN6 7QN  in the second box as your destination. This will take you to Sainsbury's which is now a superstore (old Google image above).


- The use of cooking equipment is permitted on Starmers but open fires are strictly not allowed.

- There is a 24hr Sainsbury's store next door as well as other shops (pizza, chip shop etc) in the immediate vicinity.

- Please do not defecate in the surrounding area (bring a sealed bucket or use Sainsbury's if you can) and take your litter home with you. 

 - You can use a maximum of 3 rods with two licences. 

 - Unhooking  mats and 36"+ landing nets are compulsory.

- If the lake gets very busy, a temporary Two-Rod-Rule may be applied at  any time by a bailiff which applies to all anglers present.

- Given the awkward shape of Starmers (triangular) please think carefully about where you are casting and the impact it may have on neighbouring anglers...consult and negotiate with them if necessary. 

-  The lake can get very weedy in places in the summer months so lines of 12lb+ are advised if you intend to fish those areas.

- There are several bailiffs in the organisation that may approach you.  They will have a valid L&DAA bailiff warrant card that carries the LDAA logo.  You are within your rights to refuse to pay if they do not show it.  For those wanting to 'day fish' L&DAA waters, you will be requested by an authorised bailiff to purchase a Day Ticket, only purchase tickets from bailiffs with valid warrant cards - if they do not have a valid warrant card, then do not pay.


2019 fees

Night Syndicate Membership:   For the upcoming 2019 season, Night Syndicate Membership will be limited to 25 Members - Only available direct from club Secretary/Treasurer 07453 910901.

Adults (21-64yrs) £100 p.a.

Intermediate (17-20 yrs and 65+yrs) £75 p.a. 

Junior (12-16yrs) £35 p.a.  must be accompanied by an adult overnight.

Day Tickets - Adults £7  / Juniors (under 17) £5.  Dawn to dusk - purchase from the Bailiff on the bank.


Andy Founds (Syndicate Secretary) Tel. 07453 910901

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Jun 16 All Day
Saturday, Jun 22 All Day
Sunday, Jun 30 All Day
Friday, Jul 5 All Day